“You do not have a soul.  You are a Soul.  
You have a body.”                       -C.S.Lewis.

All of my practices stem from my spiritual background and experience.  I believe in the connectedness of all beings and the oneness of humanity.  This connectedness has a direct impact on all that we feel and experience, and my goal is to help my clients understand how their thoughts, feelings and actions guide their experiences. 

My desire to help people led me to pursue duel degrees, a Bachelors of Science and a Bachelors of Social Work, as well as many certifications including Certified Co-occurring Disorders Professional, Registered Behaviour Technician, Registered Acceptance and Commitment Therapist, Certified Life Coach for adults and children in Mindfulness, Therapeutic Art, and Shamanic Healing.  In addition to these certifications, I am currently studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming and am in school full time working towards my Masters of Art in Counselling Psychology to become a registered psychotherapist. 

I started in the field of mental health in 2000, as a residential aid for children with behavioural issues.  Since then, I have worked extensively in the field of mental health as a social worker, therapist, relapse prevention counsellor, life coach, mental health consultant, trainer, therapeutic art coach, and as an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and mindfulness counsellor.  Additionally, my studies in compassionate communication, along with my experience working in the field of mental health for both youth and adults in the criminal justice system, provided me the opportunity to author a university course on the subject of restorative justice.

I am passionate about helping children reach their highest potential. Currently I do this through my role as a Senior Therapist with TIPES, Canada, as a Children’s Life Coach and Therapeutic Art Coach, as the Children’s Spiritual Empowerment Class Co-ordinator for the Outaouais Region, and as a Reiki Master and a Brain Gym practitioner.  Through my children’s life coaching, I help children navigate growing up.  I work with children one on one and in group sessions, to help them handle the ups and downs of life without getting down on themselves or giving up. Through the coordination of Children’s Spiritual Empowerment Classes, I assist those who want to teach children about virtues such as love, honesty, generosity, and trustworthiness. 

I work with my adolescent and adult clients to help them awaken to their True Selves and their true spiritual callings through a variety of counselling and coaching mediums.  Much of my counselling practice centres around the principles of Mindfulness and Process Healing which flow beautifully with Gestalt, Person-Centred, Relational Frame Theory (RFT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  For my Spiritual Counselling and Shamanic Healing clients, I work with a range of spiritual and religious practices to meet the needs and beliefs of my clients.   

As a Certified Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach and Therapeutic Art Coach, I help my clients deal with limiting beliefs and blocks that stop us all from moving forward.  Too often we have dreams and goals, but we lack the direction or confidence to take the steps needed to go after them.  I have had the honour of helping others define and refine their goals through a combination of traditional life coaching and therapeutic art practices.  I look forward to offering Neuro-Linguistic Programming as an additional modality to help empower my clients.

As a Reiki Master, I use the healing art of Reiki to help relax and rejuvenate my clients.  Through Reiki and energy work, I have helped my clients handle hard emotions, cleanse negative energy, and assists my clients to move beyond negative experiences, including traumatic events, centring their energy to help find clarity and strength to move forward.  Though I am certified as a Master and teach Usui Reiki, my practice stems first and foremost from a standpoint of Truth and Oneness.  In this, I see Reiki as an extension of that awareness, not a power all it’s own.

Though these services are addressed individually, they all flow intricately together, weaving a fully holistic healing modality. 

My efforts to help others has been recognized in both the Manchester and the Cambridge “Who’s Who among Social Workers and Executives and Professionals in Mental Health ‘Honours Edition.’”


Heal. Grow. Expand.