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Mindfulness Coaching

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice rooted in Buddhist techniques and philosophy.  Mindfulness helps to promote mental, emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.  Mindfulness practices aim to increase our awareness of the present moment with a sense of acceptance, without judgment.  Mindfulness practices address emotional challenges, physical pain and relationship difficulties; bringing compassion, forgiveness, loving-kindness and joy to our body, heart, mind and community.    

We work with our clients to promote self-discovery, thus understanding the blocks to our awareness that promote suffering, as well as cultivating the key attitudes of mindfulness that break down those blocks:

Non-Judging Attitude


Adopting a Beginner’s Mind



Unconditional Acceptance

Faith & Letting Go 

My Holistic Self Mindfulness Sessions:

Our sessions help clients apply mindfulness practices and self-compassion to themselves, their relationships and their daily experiences. Clients learn practices such as:

Body Scans

Deep Breathing

Developing Curiosity & Awareness

Enhancing Sense Perceptions

Meditation & Mantra Meditation

Mindful Movement

Practicing the Pause

and more!

As we work together, we begin to clear the blocks that form in our thinking and our energy.  Through our mindfulness sessions our clients learn to become aware of their defense mechanisms and their experiences in the world.  Our clients learn how the practices of fitting and labeling limit their awareness. Mindfulness practices move us from a place of fear, disconnection and emotional unrest, to a place of congruence, inner peace, and authenticity.

*Our mindfulness sessions are offered individually and for groups.  We offer specialized sessions to meet specific needs and run an 8-week program to free participants from depression and emotional distress.