My Holistic Self

Rebirth of the Mind, Body and Spirit


Just for Today I will:

Feel Love & Compassion

Trust all is well

Show thanks

Work hard

Be kind to every living thing, including myself.

Reiki Energy Medicine

Healing, Centring & Grounding for the mind, body and soul.

Our class levels are based on the original

Usui Reiki model:

Reiki Level 1 class

Reiki Level 2 class

Reiki Master class

Please Note: If you have already completed a Reiki class elsewhere, we require a discussion before joining an advanced class to ensure your learning is complete and matches what we offer.


Higher Power, Wisdom that comes from God (Light, Love, Universe, Truth... whatever name resonates for you) and guides the creation and functioning of all things.


The Life Force Energy that animates all living things.

What in the world is this thing we call Reiki?  Reiki is energy!  Pretty vague, I know...

Energy is everywhere, it is in each one of us, in all the plants, animals, everything.  So what is the difference between Reiki and other forms of energy?  Energy flows through us, to and from us all day, every day, but Reiki energy is not the same as the energy boost you get from receiving great news or from getting a good hug, Reiki energy is very specific energy. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key), simply translated from Japanese, means Spiritual Energy.

Spirit Guided Life force energy!

From the first page of our Reiki 1 Training Manual:

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