My Holistic Self

Rebirth of the Mind, Body and Spirit


Why Choose Reiki Energy Medicine?

Reiki uses vibrational energy to balance the mind, body and spirit.  Reiki can be used alongside any other medical treatment models as an adjunct treatment to promote relaxation, reduce pain and enhance personal well-being. 

Though Reiki is not a traditional medical modality, its benefits are now being recognized by the medical world.  Several hospitals in both Canada and the United States now offer Reiki treatments to their patients. 

Why My Holistic Self Reiki?


    At My Holistic Self, I practice a deeply spiritual type of Shamanistic Reiki. Usui taught that Reiki is Guided Life Force Energy used to heal the emotional, physical and spiritual self.  I practice this with the understanding that all beings are spiritual, not physical, and that our spiritual and emotional states dictate our physical understanding and experiences. 

Through the Oneness of all living beings, we realize disease (or dis-ease), is a disconnect from our True Self, which we must return to if we wish to fully heal. 

     My clients receive the same Usui Reiki treatments you will find with any Usui Reiki practitioner, but they will also have the opportunity to take an active role in deepening their understanding of Self.  Our clients are taught about the limiting thoughts that cause blocks and dis-ease, and learn tools that they can use to enhance their Reiki experience, as well as their daily lives.

Full hour Reiki Healing Session: $80

Mini Reiki healing session (about 30 minutes): $45

Chakra Balancing: $45

Meridian Strengthening and Block Clearing: $35-$55

Space Clearing & Warding: Cost to be discussed

Reiki Treatments & Energy Work Services: