My Holistic Self

Rebirth of the Mind, Body and Spirit


Shamanic Journeying and Healing

Shamanism is an ancient collection of practices dating back 100s of thousands of years.  Shamans are healers, seers, mediators, medicine people, storytellers and artisans.  Shamans access the spiritual realms to achieve healing and growth, using shamanic practices to remove blocks from energy paths and to restore connections with the sacred.

In our Shamanic Healing sessions, I work with you using shamanic practices to help restore harmony, balance, health and connection in your life.  This journey into yourself helps you connect with your ancient wisdom through the practice of:

Animal Totems & Connecting to Animal Wisdom

Chakra Clearing, Connecting & Strengthening

Creating Sacred Spaces: Cleansing & Sanctifying

Connecting with Nature & the Elements

Dream Interpretation

Medicine Wheel Exercises

Meditative Movement & Awareness

Sacred Visual and Meditative Art

Sacred Scrolls & Vision/Dream Boards

Smudging practices

Stones & Crystals

Sound Healing & Mantra Meditation

Through our shamanic healing sessions, we work to integrate the mind, body and spirit, restoring balance and your connection to nature, coming home to your authentic self.  These practices will help you surrender limiting beliefs, shift your emotional energy and raise your vibration with gratitude and purpose.