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Spirit Releasment Therapy

Who would need Spirit Releasment Therapy?

Have you ever experienced:

unusual spiritual, emotional, verbal and/or

physical reactions to events?

an experience where your light work

seemed to turn dark?

an unusual inner spiritual experience in meditation or while

contacting spirits that became uncomfortable?

We are Spiritual Beings and with a Higher Self.  Our Higher Self is the only Spirit that we should be connected with.  We also have many Spirit Guides that come and go, providing information and helping us along our journey.  These Spirit Guides do not attach to us and are only come to help us, not drain us or hold us back.

Most people, when they pass away, are able to release and move into the light, but some spirits stay and attach to another.  Some spirits were never people, but entities that attach to us for their own purposes.  Some will pretend to be Spirit Guides or light entities, but are actually promoting darkness.  Other spirits attach because they want to monitor the individual or because they have formed an attachment to that person. 

Sometimes these entities are given permission to attach through an array of activities; other times these spirits attach without permission.  Regardless of how the attachment was made, Spirit Releasement Therapy works to detach and release these spirits and help them move into the light.

During Spirit Releasement Therapy, I work with clients to identify the spirits that are with my clients and identify if there are spirits that need to be released.  Through connection with my client’s Spirit Guide(s) and Rescue Spirits of the Light, for example Archangel Micheal, attached spirits are contacted and the releasement process is able to be completed.  I work to help the attached spirits move on to the light.  I help my clients understand what they are doing to make them susceptible to these attachments and how to protect themselves from future attachments.