Therapeutic Art for Healing, Happiness and Stress Reduction


Therapeutic Art is a wonderfully powerful tool used to help unlock the power of your subconscious mind. 

Through the use of creativity and self-expression,

you learn to tune into your intuition.  By exploring your thoughts and feelings through the process of 

Therapeutic Art you can:

release pain,

reduce stress,

process and heal emotional pain,

find clarity and meaning,

work on forgiveness,

experience joy, peace and harmony.

Therapeutic Art Activities:

Mandala Creation & Meditation

Beauty from Ashes Art

Affirmation Art & Mantra Creation

Vision & Dream Boards


Guided Art Meditations

These Therapeutic Art activities can assist in changing our thoughts, beliefs and feelings using affirmations to increase confidence and visualizations to rewire the brain and transform your life.

We offer:

One-on-One Sessions

Groups & Workshops